Rocket Academy and Pack Campout

Posted: 7th November 2007 by Stephen Cook in Uncategorized

We had a fairly good turn out for the first Pack campout at the Sid Richardson Boy Scout Camp October 26 and 27.  We had campers arriving up to about 9-10pm on Friday night.  Big hats off to Tom Caden for being the “Tent Master” in helping everyone get set up in the dark (myself included).  Everyone seemed to stay warm even though official temperatures registered at the freezing mark.  Early Saturday morning (around 2am) our campsite was “invaded” briefly by a pack of coyotes traveling quickly and calling to one another (quite a weird way to be awoken from a sound sleep)… aah, the call of the wild! Saturday morning the men took over the stoves and we had a hearty breakfast of pancakes (regular and chocolate chip), bacon, milk, juice and lots of coffee.  Hats of to the guys for giving us ladies a break in the kitchen!  Once things were cleaned up a bit, off we headed to the Rocket Academy… the boys made friendship pins, built and launched rockets, tried their arm at a football toss, went to the archery and bb gun ranges and spent the day having fun.  Lunch was provided by the camp — and our old David Braack was there serving food — I believe he said he made over 1,000 hamburgers that day! The activities resumed, some campers left, more arrived and then we headed to the Dining Hall for a chicken dinner with potatoes and green beans.  After that was devoured, it was to the Council Campfire for skits, songs and good ole Scout camraderie.  Our guys even sang “God Bless Our Underwear” — complete with underwear on a stick… they did a meaningful flag retirement ceremony and back to camp the boys went.  It wasn’t nearly as cold Saturday night and almost as soon as it started, it was over.  While this is just a brief synopsis of what the weekend entailed, I hope you try to make it to the next Pack campout event… it’s a great learning opportunity for the boys, a great time to get back to nature for the entire family. 

Here is Tricia Caden — she did a fantastic job of maintaining the camp kitchen, keeping us all warm with hot chocolate, filled with snacks, and kept the lanterns burning for us all to find our “home” for the weekend.

 IMG_0279.jpg picture by BrightEyedTxn

Here are Tom and Jim in action on the griddles making pancakes

IMG_0281.jpg picture by BrightEyedTxn

Our (inactive) fire pit during the morning before the Rocket Academy — during the night, however, the boys were kept warm and entertained making s’mores (Thanks to the Chaneys for sharing your goodies with everyone).

IMG_0280.jpg picture by BrightEyedTxn

Getting back to nature, being boys

IMG_0282.jpg picture by BrightEyedTxn

Rocket Assembly

IMG_0285.jpg picture by BrightEyedTxn

And new friendships were made within Den 9…

IMG_0286.jpg picture by BrightEyedTxn

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