Won’t You Help Those In Need?

Posted: 17th January 2010 by Stephen Cook in Uncategorized

Namely, ME! The March Pack meeting will be my last to run. After that, we are without a Cubmaster. I’m due mid-April and I will need this time, as I’m sure you can imagine, to prepare for our little one’s arrival without any added stress.

We have yet to have a party step up to lead our Pack meetings. That is ALL that a Cubmaster really does — many of the other things you saw me do was merely because I had no one else to do the jobs. We have a WORTHY and WONDERFUL Committee Chair that is making sure no job is left without a person to fill it and that we all carry an equal load for this glorious Pack that we all call our own.

The Cubmaster attends the monthly Committee Meetings and plans monthly pack meetings — THAT IS IT! 🙂 Can’t you find it in your heart to make sure that April and May aren’t left with no one to run them? I’m here to help but I need to help you learn the ropes NOW before I’m working on little sleep with no brain capacity….

Please, think about it, pray about it and if you can find it in your heart to help lead this Pack… step up. I am DESPERATE AND I NEED A REPLACEMENT!