Photo Gallery has been updated

Posted: 7th November 2007 by Stephen Cook in Uncategorized

Eureka!  I figured out how to upload photos to the pack photo gallery.  From this home page, if you will scroll down to the menu on the right hand side that reads (amazingly enough…) Pack 317 Photographs.  Click on the link for the Photo Gallery.  There are the photos from the Rocket Launch, October Pack Meeting, Rocket Academy…

If you have photographs you’d like to contribute, please either e-mail them or a link to them to April Driggers at or feel free to upload them to our pack gallery yourself.  If you see photos of your fellow den members, be sure they’re checking out the home page and photogallery to see all the fun they didn’t know they were having!  Ha!  Enjoy!  –April

  1. Great Job April. The photos look great. Keep up the great work!