10 Needs of a Boy

Posted: 6th November 2008 by Stephen Cook in Uncategorized

To climb a mountain and look afar.
To sit around an embered campfire with good friends.
To test his strength and his skills on his very own.
To be alone with his own thoughts and with his God.
To reach out and find the hand of an understanding man ready and willing to help.
To have a code to live by… easily understood and fair.
To have a chance to play hard just for the fun of it… and to work hard for the thrill of it.
To have a chance to fail… and know why.
To have and to be a good friend and have a chance to prove both.
To have a hero… and a vision to measure him by.

  1. Joel says:

    First heard this read at a BSA Training Conference in Seattle a couple years ago.
    It was very moving, thank you for posting it.