It Pays To Go “Green”

Posted: 3rd December 2008 by Stephen Cook in Uncategorized

Pack 317 has proudly enrolled into a partnership with Terracycle to recycle a few everyday items that may be routinely on your grocery list. 

The first project is the Cookie Wrapper Brigade!  For every cookie wrapper we return, we will earn $.02 for our Pack.  They will then UPcycle those wrappers into accessories and products like these:  Cookie-ob_raw_to_finished.jpg picture by CubScoutPack317

All Nabisco cookie wrappers like those pictured below are accepted, including large family-sized wrappers as well as individual snack wrappers.  accepted-cookies3.jpg picture by CubScoutPack317

Wrappers are counted based on weight using .11oz as the average weight of a cookie wrapper.  Only the wrappers, not the plastic cookie trays, can be collected.  Please make sure all the cookie crumbs have been shaken out.

The second project is the Drink Pouch Brigade!  ALL drink pouches are accepted, regardless of the brand.  They UPcycle these products into fashion bags and other products like this:  DRINKdpb_bag.jpg picture by CubScoutPack317

Again, our pack will earn $.02 for every drink pouch collected.  Please cut open the bottom inside of the pouch, remove the straw and rinse.  If you’d like to see how to prepare the drink pouches, they have a video at

For Pack 317, however, it’s not about the money, it about practicing what we preach — reduce, reuse and recycle.  This just happens to be a program, however, with a perk! 

So, be sure to bring your cookie wrappers and drink pouches to the monthly pack meetings!  If you can’t make it to the monthly Pack meetings, turn your items in at a Den meeting so that your leader can bring them for you.  Let’s show them that Pack 317 loves being GREEN!

  1. Dan Quintero says:

    Dan from TerraCycle Here,
    We here at TerraCycle applaud Pack 317 for their environmental efforts to keep the world green. Hopefully with your lead Pack 317’s conservation awareness will encourage others to to make reuse rather then disposal the norm.
    Anything we can do to help please let us know at:
    Thanks so much Pack 317
    Cheers from the TerraCycle Team